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Pellet and multifuel burners

    Bruciatori a pellet a fiamma orizzontale, sviluppati con innovativa tecnologia proprietaria: completamente automatici e ad elevato rendimento.

    The Pasian horizontal flame pellet burners are completely automatic and suitable for application to solid fuel heat generators.

    The particular structure, made in stainless steel, grants a perfect mixture between primary air and fuel, while the introduction of secondary air reduces emissions into the atmosphereto a minimum. The supply of the burner occurs by means of a screwfeeder and advanced controls assure the perfect dosage of fuel, removes the risk of the burner flame returning to the service tank.

    The high combustion yields and sophisticated electronic control (5 power levels).


    ERP - Scheda prodotto
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    Marchio CE

    La nostre stufe e termostufe a pellet rispettano i più elevati standard di sicurezza e le norme costruttive in ambito europeo.