stufa a pellet ad alto rendimento

Stufa a Pellet Eletta NG Maiolica
Stufa a Pellet Eletta NG NewGeneration
Stufa a Pellet Coccinella NG_Next Generation in lamiera bianca
Stufa a Pellet Coccinella NG Next Generation in lamiera
Stufa a Pellet Aurora

Ventilated pellet fireplace NewGeneration

Designed for the most demanding modern, it retains the practicality of the other products Pasian. 

Ventilated Version

The new insert ventilated Pasian combines the beauty of a modern fireplace with the convenience of a pellet stove, peanut oil, corn mixed: in the end we will have the certainty of owning a truly multi-fuel fireplace. The inserts flush Pasian fail to develop large thermal power with compact dimensions.


The new, sober, front fits perfectly in multiple styles, from contemporary to classic and large-sized ceramic glass resistant up to 750 ° C, ensures the vision of a great flame, such as to brighten any room and make cozy home .

The function control is simple and intuitive thanks to the handy remote control (air versions) and the control panel in each insert, for each of which the thermostat is standard.

Inserto a pellet, nocciolino, gusci di mandorle, triti e mais
Inserto a pellet, nocciolino, gusci di mandorle, triti e mais
Inserto a pellet, nocciolino, gusci di mandorle, triti e mais


Simple insert

front air

Ducted insert

with rear air exit








POWER [KW] 10 13 16
MIN/MAX CONSUPTION (Kg/h) 0,6 - 2,0 0,6 - 2,0 1,0 - 3,6
MEASUREMENTS (lxpxh) AND WEIGHT 61X62X63 cm  ~75 kg 61X62X63 cm  ~75 kg 71X74X71 cm  ~75 kg
TANK CAPACITY (Kg) ~15 ~15 ~255
 MAX heatable volume (m3) ~210 ~210 ~290

The m² reported in the table are calculated under the conditions reported between brackets, with the various hypotheses of energy requirements. It should be noted that the values reported are purely indicative and cannot be held as grounds for contestation


INSERTO NG is produced only for some foreigns markets.

All of the sizes, colour tones and styles reportedare merely indicative and can undergo variations without notice.CE approved product.