Alba SLIM - pellet and multifuel stove

Front air or canalizable  15 kw stove, with very low emissions.

A powerful yet small pellet stove, such that it can be installed in confined spaces and even in the corridor?

The continuous research and expansion of its production has led to the birth of Alba SLIM, the new pellet and multi-fuel biomass stove, with incredible performance and ready for direct access to the Thermal Account 2.0.

From an aesthetic point of view we do not give up, as our tradition, to the cast iron front, the majolica cladding and the fine finishes: Alba SLIM adapts to classic and contemporary living rooms.

The yields are also very high and the certified low emissions ensure the purchase of a pellet stove that meets the most stringent requirements of European regulations.

The Alba SLIM model stoves have 4 stars of environmental class.


Caratteristiche tecniche


Air stove



POWER KW 15.5 15.5
CONSUMPTION MIN/MAX (Kg/h) 1.28 - 3.35 1.28 - 3.35
DIMENSION (lxpxh) and WEIGHT 101x36x113cm - 130 Kg 101x36x113cm - 130 Kg
TANK CAPACITY (Kg) ~21 ~21
 MAX volume heatable (m3) 30 W/mc 400 400
40 W/mc 360 360
50 W/mc 320 320

The square meters shown in the table for the ALBA pellet stove are calculated under the conditions in parentheses, with the various assumptions of energy requirements. It should be emphasized that the values ​​given are purely indicative and do not constitute grounds for controversy.

Data relative to the workshop with 5 kWh/kg pellet heat power. Consumption may vary depending on the dimensions and type of fuel used.
All of the sizes, colour tonesand styles reportedare merely indicative and can undergo variations without notice.CE approved product.

  • Coating: in handmade majolica or electro-varnished sheet metal
  • Front: in cast iron painted grey
  • Interior: Single-piece steel
  • Brazier: in heat resistant extractable steel / cast iron
  • Door: in cast iron with ceramic glass resistant to 750°C
  • Handle: in painted steel
  • Function control: Remote control and control panel on the stove
  • Programmable thermostat: as standard with methods of programming daily, weekly with two time brackets
  • Power adjustment: five positions
  • Ash drawer: large, extractable
  • Fuel: Multi-fuel PELLET, PIPS,MIXED CORN, ALMOND SHELLS, NUTS, GENERAL SHREDDING (with specific braziers)
  • Combustion optimised with primary and secondary air
  • Heating: by forced ventilation, five power levels; possibility of functioning with room temperature setting (for versions with room fan)


Dati tecnici

Technical data:

  • Fume discharge ø 8 cm
  • Heat yield: over 90%
  • Nominal heat power: Depending on models - see technical data sheets
  • Electricity power supply: 230 V-50 Hz
  • Maximum power absorbed during lighting 330 W
  • Power absorbed fully operational max. 90 W
  • Power absorbed fully operational min. 70 W




Marchio CE

La nostre stufe e termostufe a pellet rispettano i più elevati standard di sicurezza e le norme costruttive in ambito europeo.


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