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    Pasian products provide maximum yield, reaching up to 34 kW power
    The Pasian range grantsa considerable reduction in consumption through the use of low cost, easily available and ecological fuels.
    The Pasian brand pellet and multi-fuel stovesandboilersare produced completely with Italian parts and materials and represent the Made in Italy quality.
    Pasian products are characterised by their simple installation and easy use. Maintenance is also quick and practical.
    Thanks to the advanced know-how and specialised workmanship, the Pasian products are designed and produced in compliance with high quality standards.
    The majolica stoves represent an excellent solution for both heating and furnishing the home. Essentially, majolica is a prized and elegant coating suited to any ambient.
    Pasian respects the environment and nature by promoting the use of alternative low CO2 emission fuels.
    Being multi-fuel, the Pasian productscan equally burn pellets, corn, pips, shreddingand various residues from the agri-food sector.

Le stufe e caldaie a pellet e policombustibili Pasian possono bruciare, grazie ad un piccolo accessorio opzionale, anche il CIPPATO!

Pasian's pellet and multifuel stoves are versatile devices: they can be switched on automatically at preset times (via the chronotermostat integrated in the machine) or can be operated by an external thermostat, are equipped with advanced safety controls that inhibit the operation in case of Trouble or failure of some components and are all equipped with a special and advanced anti-overpressure protection mechanism inside the combustion chamber. Electric consumption is really small: energy-saving savings are always assured!

All our stoves are embellished with the cast iron front and the majolica coating, fine materials that allow to accumulate heat inside the plant's own structure and gradually release it into the environment.

Normally, pellet stoves can only burn pellets, our motto is "WHO WOULD YOU KNOW THAT PELLET STOVES BURN ONLY PELLET?" Clearly summarizes our corporate mission: we want to provide our customers with a versatile product that can meet multiple needs and above all to guarantee heating and savings.

Our MULTIFUEL stoves can burn a lot of fuel: in addition to the classic pellets, you will not have any problems with the olive kernel, with hazelnuts, almonds and triti in general!

The operation of pellet stoves is simple and automatic: the pellet is inflamed by an electric resistance and the flue pipe (also known as small smoke discharge) is secured by a fan. The tank secures the stove to self-fuel until the fuel is exhausted in the compartment. The heat generated by the combustion comes out of the stove as hot air, or in the case of thermostuff is used in the house's thermal system.